Project by Gustav; Underwater fishcam live streamed

Hi guys,

Just looking for some advice and tips. I want to create a device that streams the video feed from a camera. The camera would ideally be placed underwater in my aquarium.

Ideally the camera feed will not be stored for a long time to reduce storage needs. The feed would be accessible via web-browser or something like the VLC player.

I have wifi and power available below the aquarium. I could also use the ethernet-over-power device to get ethernet connectivity.

I don’t mind reading on how to code the device that will be used but I would appreciate help on which items to get. Any suggestions or recommendations on devices that will be good for this will be much appreciated.

Looking forward to your reply :slight_smile:

Hi Gustav,

Does your camera need to be mounted underwater? Can it be mounted on the outside of the tank facing in? I feel like the greatest challenge here may be waterproofing.

Hi Stephen,

I have changed my design so that I can mount the camera outside the tank inside a watertight container. Do you guys have any fish-eye lenses or adapters that I can attach to my v2 rpi camera?
The stock lens has a fov that is too narrow.

Hi Gustav,

Try one of these: