Raspberry Pi 4 project

Hello I need to set up a Raspberry Pi 4
I need to be able to access it from the internet and wifi I would like to have different good quality images cameras long distance night vision.
I would like to be able to set up different cameras in different locations connected by wifi if possible?
I would like the main cameras connection to the raspberry Pi to be as long as possible 3-4 metres?
I might need a wifi booster?
I need to be able to livestream to youtube from the raspberry Pi
I want to run it by solar if possible?
I need a fan and a backup battery a 5g shield
I would like to attach multiple hard drives for extra storage possibly by wifi


Hi Matthew,

I’ve linked some useful tutorials to get you started on your project that should have full walk-throughs to set this project up using the parts that I’ve linked below. Please note that some of the items are on backorder at this point in time.

As for solar power. Depending on the light intensity in the area in which you’ll be using your project the parts that I’ve linked should be able to provide the necessary power for the Pi. Although I’d personally recommend using the official Pi power supply for this one. Also, you may need a network repeater depending on the strength of the signal that you use.

All the best with your project!

Core Electronics | Support

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