Boost circuit not as advertised

See image

Not a fan of being told that I have to post in a public forum for support on a faulty product.

MP2636 Power Booster… (SKU: DFR0446)

If unable to deliver the advertised current, I’ll need a refund on these.

Hi Lewys,

Let’s figure this out, what model phone have you connected to it?

I have tried the following:

Galaxy s8+
iPhone 8+

iPhone C

Thanks Lewys, everything looks normal to me then. Most modern phones require a resistor network between D+ and D- pins which represent the output rating of the charger. Without this, the phone will not charge the way you expect (500mA max, if at all).

You could prove this by removing the phone and instead use an anlaogue load (no phone attached). Connect a 1/4Watt 100ohm resistor between Vcc and GND on the USB output, it would draw 50mA. Adding another resistor in parallel would increase the load to 100mA, and so on. If you had a higher rated resistor then you could skip the parallel process for testing.

The “Phone + 500mA charge rate” issue is well documented/known amongst the maker community. It can be hacked, with the addition of some resistors between D- and D+. Here’s a great source for that intel

Let me know how you get on!