Breaking the Validation Matrix? - Saturn 2, anycubic Eco UV Resin

Submitting per YouTube channel’s request due to the possibility of breaking the Validation Matrix.

I ran the below validation matrix with 20s bottom layer exposure and 2.2s normal layer exposure. I washed it with 99% IPA for 1 min in a washing station and let airdry for 30+ minutes. I then cured it for 2 min in my curing station.

I had the following issues that you’ll see in the photo (though the shiny, sticky resin feel is hard to capture with my phone camera)

More pins than voids (underexposed)
Infinity Symbol overlaps (overexposed)
Sticky/shiny resin (underexposed)
Bars that are larger than the gaps (overexposed)

Any advice/support is greatly appreciated!


Heyya mate,

Cheers for popping over to the forum and posting up your images. On very first inspection your Validation Matrix looks pretty close to perfection :blush:.

On closer look, it seems to me like there is some UV light bleeding going on with your printer. That would account for the shiny sticky resin and the smeary less crisp result. Now we don’t sell that exact printer but my understanding is with the Saturn 2 they don’t have any setting to turn down the UV light intensity. So that leaves one dial to adjust, just lowering the time for Normal Exposure Time.

Checking this public google doc for Grey Eco UV Resin someone utilises 2 second Normal Exposure Time and 40 Bottom Exposure Time - Anycubic Photon Mono X - Google Drive

Of all the indicators that you have from the Validation Matrix I trust the Infinity Symbol the most. So my advice here is to lower the Normal Exposure Time until that comes out perfect. Lastest make sure to adjust the Bottom Exposure Layer Amount to be 4 (if you haven’t already) to get the best result with the Valdiation Matrix.

Also, caveats here, old resin can result in weird results as over time latent UV light can cause changes in viscosity and (liquid) material properties. Latent temperatures can also affect results drastically.

Hope that helps! Even with the current settings you’re going to get some rad resin 3D prints,

Kind regards,