Creality UV Resin 500g - White (CE06819)

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LCD/DLP common photosensitive resin with several colors specializes in SLA 3d printer, high accuracy, stable printing models and fast printing speed.

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where are the product technical data sheets for these resins? i need them for both black and white.


Welcome Nath,

What information in particular were you after?

I found this page with some more details ( and a MSDS) Creality UV Resin 500ml - Black, Grey, and White | Wiltronics

Unfortunately no TDS though


i need the exposure settings for both colours on ld002r printer. found some that where actually totally off ans ended up damaging fep because the print failed like it had zero definition was basically a bloated mess half on plate and half in vat :frowning:

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Hi Nath,

Unfortunately it looks like Creality has retired those resins - we do however have some guides available for resin printing that will be able to hone in your printer and slicer:

I’d also double check your LCD with the calibration to make sure its working properly, @James is our resident resin expert and will be in later in the week to hopefully give a bit more insight!

In the meantime would it be possible to send through some of your slicer settings and a photo of your print?


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