UV Resin won't cure

I have recently purchased a LD-002H resin printer and I have been using the Creality translucent UV resin to print a range of prints but now I am using a green UV resin (Creality brand) and it is not curing at all when I am running prints. I was just wondering why this is? It is not a translucent green, it is opaque. Could it be to do with the UV wavelength? Is there a setting to change this? Or is the UV resin just a bad batch? The software I am running is Chitubox. If anyone could shed some light on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Heyya mate, is it not curing and then not sticking to the build platform or not curing after it has been printed and you have removed it from the build platform and are doing post-processing?

In the first situation it is important to change the exposure time for each time you use a different 3D print resin. A great tutorial to check out is Finding Optimal Layer Exposure Time for Perfect Resin Prints. That will help you get good results with whatever resin you choose to use. You can either change the exposure settings in Chitubox or once the Creality machine starts printing you can change the exposure setting.

If it is fresh out of the bottle the resin should be alright. The harder it is to get light through an resin (the more opaque and lighter the colour of the liquid) the longer the exposure time will need to be.

Also note that there are two exposure time settings, a bottom exposure time for the bottom layers which will be an order of magnitude greater than the normal exposure time. This is so you can ensure the model stays stuck to the build platform.


Hey Tim,
I’m putting on a print and its not curing at all. I’ll check back in 4 hours and it was if i never pressed start and all i’ve got is an empty raised build plate. It works a charm with the clear translucent UV resin. The green resin is fresh out of the bottle.

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Totally understood. First I would unscrew the Tank and filter the resin back into the bottle. Then have a look at the FEP sheet and check for a stuck layer of cured resin on it. I reckon for sure there is. The next step is to remove that stuck resin from the FEP sheet without damaging the FEP sheet.

A good tool for the job is the plastic spatula that came with the Printer. If it is properly stuck on there you can press lightly the bottom side of the FEP underneath where the resin is and it will often pop off the non-stick surface or at the very least provide you an edge that you can get the plastic spatula underneath. Then for the next print I would make sure to use a higher exposure time.


I poured the resin back in and there was indeed a cured layer of resin on the bottom. We had previously gotten rid of the old resin. My theory is that maybe the machine needed to be homed again or the hex screws needed to be loosened off and retightened once it was homed. I’ve put on another print to see how it goes now.


Hey Regan,

That could quite possibly have been the issue. Make sure to let us know how the test print goes (resin does tend to take quite some time) and possibly send us some photos of the printed result? It can be immensely helpful in identifying what’s causing the fault depending on what’s going wrong.