Build Your Own Arduino Tamagotchi!

So those of you who grew up in the 90’s/early 2000’s will be well familiar with the joy that it was to own a Tamagotchi. It was your own personal digital pet that you got to look after! There were few things cooler than owning a Tamagotchi. But like most things it went out of style and met a slow death. However, if you missed out on this joy, or would like to relive it, may I present to you this wonderful Instructables article detailing how you can create your own, desktop-size Tamagotchi toy based on Arduino.

Syst3mX, the creator of the project, did a fantastic job making every part of it available to makers everywhere by detailing the creation process from start to finish, including making the dot-matrix graphics that were made in and exported to bitmaps using excel.

Best of all, it fits on your desktop!

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