DIY Magnetic Goo

Ok, so here is something a bit different for you. When I was in school, one of the best toys you could own was a small plastic toilet bowl about the size of your hand containing multi-coloured goo in it. The idea was that you could press it and squish it to produce a variety of amusing noises. However, in true 21st-century style, there’s a new toy on the block. Magnetic Goo!

We’re not kidding, it’s pretty much a slime/goo that can be squished and moulded as you like, with the extra perk of being magnetic. Now by itself, this doesn’t sound that awesome, but the real fun is getting some magnets and watching your goo come alive and interact with the magnets. Along with being endlessly entertaining, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to learn about magnetic fields and how they interact with other magnetic objects. 

And guess what? You can make your own! This video from BuzzFeed Blue shows you how you can make your own magnetic goo using household materials:

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