Building Bluetooth Adapter for UHF Handheld Radio

I want to build a bluetooth adaptor for a UHF handheld 2-way radio so that I can connect to my motorcycle helmet mic/headset, in the same way I can use my phone wirelessly for music streaming and phone calls.
My Uniden radio has a 2.5mm audio jack to support a wired mic/headset with a PTT (push to talk) button as well.

I would need to have a wired connection from the radio to a PTT button near my handlebar grip, then to the bluetooth adapter, that can receive & send audio to my helmets headset.

I have a Sena SMH5 bluetooth headset and the protocols it supports are:

•    Headset Profile (HSP)
•    Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
•    Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
•    Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
•    Bluetooth 3.0

Can anyone provide me with advice on which module can perform this job, and how I may need to configure the wiring on the module to achieve the PTT switching from TX to RX?

Hi Luke,

I’m having a hard time understanding what you want here. You have a helmet with a UHF radio in it and you want to connect to it via Bluetooth? Please clarify this a bit for me.

Thanks for the reply, I have made a diagram to help clarify. Powering the unit is of no concern, as I can manage that easily, I’m just unsure of what bluetooth module can do the job and how to configure it, and wiring the push to talk to allow the mic switching that’s required for two way radios.

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Hi Luke,

Thanks for the diagram, I see what your after here. This one has me stumped. you could probably connect to the helmet bluetooth with a bluetooth 4.0 unit, but I don’t know enough about bluetooth protocols to be able to help you out. Perhaps someone in the community has some advise for you!

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I looked at a project similar to this some time ago but never actually pulled the trigger. However I recommenced you checkout this instruct-able:

It uses modules from here:

Hope this helps!

Maybe Core could look at stocking these? @Graham


Thanks guys, ill check those links out and add to this thread if I uncover anything

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