Busy Board for Toddlers : Rocket Launch

Sorry we skimmed over your already-bolded question! I think I remember spending a while recalling a C++ maths library one of my maths lecturers mentioned, never got to it :frowning:

Since you’re writing it in C++ on a fast Arduino, you’re already going to be quite fast, the only thing I’d recommend giving a look is the ARM CMSIS libraries, they are optimised for the Cortex chip in your Due, and have quite a few signal processing functions available:

Since Glowbits are based on the common WS2812Bv5 LEDs, most of the regular suspects for the Arduino (FastLED etc), work just fine, and we mainly wanted to support the beginner-friendly nature of microPython. For an interesting dive, we’ve published videos on the challenges of getting speed out of microPython: https://youtu.be/zC-vDwFpGXU