Grandfather and grandson needing help

Hi team!

My name is John. I am sitting here with my grandson Daniel. Daniel has a form of Muscular Dystrophy. This condition causes him to have generally weaker muscles than the average person.
My grandson and I have been working together in my garage for many years now. We started with carpentry when Daniel was only seven. Daniel is now 14, and in the past year, as a change we started on electronics. We have little experience in Arduino and have a few things such as kits. Recently we built a balancing robot, which happily works very nicely.
We have been told by one of my friends to try using Raspberry Pi. After taking this into consideration, we decided to build an Arcade machine, which brings us to our problem:
I have little experience with electronics, yet my grandson Daniel takes to this like a duck out of water. We have recently completed the body of an arcade machine including the monitor, but we are now needing to find the right componentry to begin building the electrical wiring, which for us is the hard part. We were wondering if any of you guys could help us with what we need to purchase.
We know we need to start with a raspberry Pi, buttons and joystick, but it is the communication between these components and the monitor that we are unsure of. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments section bellow.

Thank you!

John and Daniel


Welcome John and Daniel!

Sounds like an amazing project - I hope you two have had and continue to enjoy putting it together :smiley:

First port of call would be some existing projects, check out Stephens, MakeCode Arcade cabinet: MakeCode STEM Arcade Machine - Tutorial Australia
It uses a minimal set of components to get running.
Something a bit more technical would look like M4xx’s Portable Arcade Emulator: Portable Arcade Emulator - Tutorial Australia
The star of the show there being the easy to use USB controller that handles all of the button and joystick inputs: USB Interface for Joystick and Buttons | Core Electronics Australia

Inside the guides are parts lists containing some more ideas for buttons and joysticks.

Let us know if you need help with anything else!