Programming buzzer board


I’m looking to create a game that is a board of buttons, perhaps 36 (6x6) with only one being the winning button.

I would like all buttons to light up, but when the winning button is pushed it links to the prize button at the top which is embellished (much more elaborate than the other buttons).

It is for a luxury client and the whole display will have to be aesthetically high level, but it’s very simple in its back end I imagine?

I would also like to be able to change the winning button throughout the event to avoid word getting around at the event!

Please help,


Hey Emily,

That sounds like quite a fun project. Were you planning on using an Arduino to handle game logic and button presses/buzzers/lights?

If so, go ahead and check out our Arduino Workshop which is a beginners guide that takes you through Arduino start to finish, it will help a great deal to onboard you with all the tools you need to program your project.

Next up would be selecting your components. I’ll link you through to our categories for each of the different parts you might need:

Perhaps to keep things simple you could grab one of the Arduino Uno/Mega boards to start prototyping with - you can find those and a tonne of other Arduino stuff here.

All in all you’ll be in for a few decisions though, let us know if you need any help along the way.

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