Cable Gland IP rating

The project im putting together will need to be tested at depths of at least 2m in water. How well will the cable gland fair? This is only prototype stage but i dont want to fry any of the electronics before project submission adding to cost and stress.
The cable gland will be most likely be in a water proof junction box with potentially 2 signal cables (heatshrink wrapped) running through the gland.


Hey @Adam46485,
You haven’t specified what kind of gland you’re using, but I’ll assume it’s an IP68 nylon one and comment about that.
IP (ingress protection) 68 means that the gland can withstand 1m immersion when used correctly.
Usually this means use with a cable of appropriate diameter that creates a good seal. Running two cables through a gland is doomed to leak badly if immersed - heatshrink or no.