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Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner / Sensor (SEN0348)

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This capacitive fingerprint sensor supports fingerprint capture, image processing, fingerprint storage, fingerprint comparison, and so on. Taking ID809 high-performance … read more

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Hi do you have a fingerprint scanner that can be accessed via internet for finger print stowage capacity, rather than only 80 finger prints, Thanks in advance


Hey Terry,

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Unfortunately, we don’t have any all-in-one fingerprint scanner modules, even that one above needs to be connected to something to accept and handle the input scans.

However, connecting something like this up to a microcontroller like an Arduino will give you that functionality (you can see some examples here).

For WiFi connectivity, you will need a microcontroller capable of that. The Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 has everything you need on the board!

Hope this helps.


I keep getting an error that says i cant connect to the module even though i have followed the woring guide as shown in the DFRobot tutorial. Has anyone faced these issues?


Hey Nikhil,

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Do you have a picture of how you have that one connected plus the code you are running?