Car microphone echo problem


I’m having an echo problem with my car phone Bluetooth.

Headunit – VW discover media MIB2

Problem – during phone call the person on the other end hears a bad echo of themselves

Things I have tried so far…

• Turning down volume to my car speakers – echo reduced but still present
• Relocating the microphone further away from speaker – slightly better but echo still present
• Replacing microphone – echo still present
• Using a Condenser microphone without – no echo but signal is reduced too much, need to speak very very closely into to microphone to work.

My microphone does not have adjustable gain control on pbc or in software settings.

Could someone recommend a solution? Perhaps another microphone gain PCB with pot?

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Hi Greg2
While the microphone (in the phone or other position) can “hear” the speakers this can happen. You don’s say exactly where the microphone is. The only cure is to change the relative position of the microphone and speakers. Or don’t use the phone while driving.

Keep in mind that mobile phones can quite often suffer from this effect even when hand held without any bluetooth help.
Cheers Bob

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