CODEC support with LibreELEC

I am looking at the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Media Center Kit
SKU: CE00303 to replace my old WDTV media player. I see that this kit comes with LibreELEC preinstalled on the SD card.

Question: What CODECS can this LibreELEC software support in this kit?



Hi Mark,

As far as I know. LibreELEC can play mp4s. If you want to play MP2 or VC1 then you need to buy the licenses here:

You MAY be able to run MP2 without the license on the RPi 3B+ since its fast enough to decode with software, but I can’t find a firm answer for that. The official answer is to buy the license.

I can’t find any mention of other supported codecs.

Thanks for the response, looks like this is not the product i need.



WoodyNET on P9

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