RasPi 4 and "XBMC" (any version)

I am looking for information on how good the RasPi 4 is and if it can do what I want.

“XBMC” (or Kodi, or LibreELEC, etc)

Works great as a GOTO player. Or it did. Now I’m not too sure and am asking.

The tripping point for me at this stage is can the RasPi play back H265 encoded stuff?
Not that I’m a fan of it, but more and more things are now coming out in that format and as I also have a 4KUHD TV… I may as well now and then indulge myself.

Could some one here maybe be able to help me on that?
My efforts down other forms have not been helpful. :frowning:

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Hi Andrew,

XBMC has changed its name to Kodi as I’m sure you’re aware, and LibreELEC is just a linux distro that wraps Kodi into a nice, remote-compatible interface.

As for h.265, it looks like a no at this stage :frowning:

Personally, I use my Pi as a NAS to store ripped Blu-Rays that I own, and an Nvidia Shield to do the playback (it has good codec support)

All the best with your project!

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Yeah, but sticking an Nvidia Shield in/on it…
Takes it from a small kit to … How much bigger?
And how much does the Shield cost?

Hi Andrew,

Just to clarify, the Nvidia Shield is a standalone device, not to be confused with Arduino shields or anything like that. It’s outside of our range so you’re on your own as to whether it’d be suitable for you, but I use it so I thought I’d mention it.



No, thanks James.

I fell into the trap of associating “Shield” with “piggyback”.

But that was also because I’ve seen a lot of Nvidia stuff and RasPi so I just took the easy option and thought the wrong thing.

I don’t want to get you into trouble talking about competitor’s stuff here.

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Oh, I nearly forgot - and this is kind of important to this whole thing - KODI, or which ever one I use/get, it shows me the stuff I’ve watched and which I haven’t.

That’s a great feature and a key reason I want it.

My TV has a player in it. But it doesn’t flag which shows I’ve watched.