My lulzbot is not printing

Just opened and setup my new Lulzbot Mini but it won’t print. The bed moves to the back and stays there, the printing head is raised up and won’t come down. Please help.

Hi Leon,

That’s a little strange! Can you attach the GCODE file you are trying to print. Also. attach a screenshot of the window that opens when you click on this menu item:

rocktopus_nsedit.stl (2.3 MB)

Nice thanks Leon, please shoot through that machine settings screenshot as well

When I go to print it tells me that it’s printing but nothing happens.

Thanks Leon. Are there any other transport safety stops fitted to the rails / things that might be preventing movement?

Also, can you check for any loose microswitch end stop connectors (they have spade fittings that can very rarely disconnect during transit / an accidental tug)?

all packaging has been removed, there is nothing that i can see that is stopping it from going down. Bed plate can freely be moved back and forth manually.

When I go to press start to print the sample Octopus, bed plat moves back, main body tries to go down but then goes back up and nothing happens. I can’t even physically move the main part down it is firmly in placed. Is this able to be manually pushed down?

I can see any loose connectors at all.

Hey Leon, ensure you have the most recent version of Cura installed, your PC is tethered to your Mini via USB and Powered on. Once you have done that, move on to restarting your Mini (use the On/off switch on the front panel) and wait for it to register connectivity to your PC.

Proceed to go through the original setup steps (making sure you setup the Mini on the updated version of Cura).

Have the Cura 20.01 can you confirm that this is the latest.

Hi Leon,

With the control panel open, can you click on home and ensure your print head lands in the same position as our image below:

The print head should end up here:

If your extruder ended up anywhere other than what we’ve shown, can you shoot through a picture so we can better understand what’s going on.

If all good, then next try move the Z-axis with these controls (move it down first, the print head should move down 10mm and then click up):

Let me know how you get on.

I hope you got this issue all sorted out Leon, I’m a little curious :slight_smile:

To anyone reading this topic - I spoke with Leon on the phone - all sorted. The extruder was heating up (which takes a couple of minutes) and the print was being stopped before it could continue.

Guys thank you for all your support, everything’s is all in order and is working perfect fine!!!

Problem was impatient user… hahaha

Thank you for your support and help again.

Have to say this is worth every cent.