Configuration for PABX

Looking to build a PABX capable of running Lenny plus about 6 incoming lines and extensions.
Also potentially second box with Remote Desktop for Windows Server

Ideally looking for PoE with Case and maybe wireless keyboard/mouse pad

Something like

Hi John,

I asked around and no one here is familiar with “Lenny” on Raspberry Pi, so you’ll need to do some research on that.

The Official Raspberry Pi POE Hat will fit inside the Official Case. You can use any wireless keyboard and mouse - the USB ports are all accessible via the case.

Regarding Remote Desktop for Windows Server, there’s very little Windows support for RPi, Windows IoT edition is cut down, not likely what you would expect.

With that said, you can remotely control an RPi very easily from Windows in a number of ways. Most would use SSH, though if you prefer a graphical interface then use the built-in RealVNC application:

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runs on


Cheers for sharing!