POE for RPi zero

I am currently building a project that monitors the water level in my water tanks. For this project I would like to use a RPi zero (only because that is what I am comfortable with) to connect with sensors and send the sensor data to another pi.

The Issues

  1. There is no power and no wifi where I want the RPi to be installed. However, there is a Cat 6 ethernet port.
  2. As I want to use a RPi zero, it does not come with an ethernet port.

I was thinking of using a POE (http://www.tp-link.com/lb/products/details/cat-43_TL-POE200.html) to get power to the site and use a ENC28J60 for an ethernet port. Has anyone got any better ideas?

Hi Denver,
If you’re looking to inject power into your ethernet port, then that should work well. It seems like the simplest solution if you’re using a Pi.

The TP-Link product looks like a nifty way to get around no direct PoE support on the Pi. It appears to split power back into a separate plug on the other side. PoE without actual PoE, neat.

Thanks @Graham and @Sam. The tplink product worked well. I had to buy two converters from jay car to convert the 2.1 barrel to a micro USB at a cost of $20. I see you guys are selling a similar product for around $4. I will have to get one off you instead. At least I can run the Pi now without having to get a sparky in to install a DGPO.