Connecting controls to PCB on side of box - best option?

I have a project (as in my other thread) where I have the microprocessor in a box, and the controls I have bodged together are connected to that. Right now it’s an impossible mess off dupont connectors:

Those wires are just going into the box and terminating with Dupont again, plugged into header pins on the arduino. It’s a mix of digital and analog inputs.

I’m going to bite the bullet and learn how to make a PCB, and I’d like nice plugs for the extra bits and bobs to come in. USB is a possibility but as far as I know there’s only 2 data pins so I’d probably have to use I2C for the peripherals, which means more microcontrollers.

What will be easiest and best to solder to the PCB (at right angles) and plug my bits into, from 3-6 wires? Is JST the only option you would consider?

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Hi Colin,

We’ve got a guide with a ton of different connectors types you might want to check out:

JST-XH is spaced at 2.54mm, so it’s a good choice if you still need to work in proto-boards and breadboards. Generally, JST is only “board-to-board” or “board-to-wire”, not “wire-to-wire”, so I’d suggest something from Molex like the MicroFit series for something that can do both.

I learned the basics of KiCAD (FOSS!) through the excellent series by Michael Ruppe:

If you have any questions about the design process, stick them here!