Short board to board cable connection

For a project at work we have some boards with an I2C OLED screen and a button that we need to connect to the mainboard of our project. Currently we just use breadboard jumper style cables but on the next version we’d like to move to something more compact and keyed.

We need 5 wires 50 to 100mm long, though it could have more with some unused if that’s cheaper. A plug at each end would probably be preferred though we could solder the cables directly to one board.

I’ve been looking at using cables with JST style connectors. I can’t seem to find anything quite right with this one probably the closest.

I think making our own would be reasonably time intensive and comparatively expensive too.

Does anyone have any recommendations or can point us towards anything better than the one I’ve linked to above?


Hi Andrew,

5-pin is a bit of an unusual size, 6 pins are far more common. We do have these little cables which seem like they might be ideal, except that we don’t have the matching PCB mount connectors:

You could use some Du-Pont style connectors like this:

With a header like this:

Or if you move up to 6 pin, this product might be perfect for you:

Comes with a PCB connector. 8" wires though, so you would need to trim them down to size and solder the other end.

Element 14 have a few, and RS components have a really wide range available.

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