Control My Robot: remote controlled hobby robotics platform

Hey all,

I’m working on a platform that will make it easy for hobby robot owners to connect their robots to the world.


My plans are to allow the robot owners to make some money from this platform (e.g. it costs 5 credits to control the robot for 5 minutes, the robot owner will get these credits and can withdraw them $)


I hope to have some more demo robots with how-to blog articles soon, getting my hands on an ESP32 cam to see what the “cheapest” remote controlled robot I could make would be.


I’m currently working on the backend interface for robot owners to make it easier to configure the robots remotely, set up QR code quests and those custom button actions.

After the backend interface has received a little more love, I’ll look at doing a twitch integration.

To have a drive of a robot head over to

Technology used:

  • Robots: Raspberry Pi4 + cam, mecanum robot base, Node.js
  • Platform: Ruby on Rails, React, Node.js / SocketIo

This is one of the robots I have connected up:

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Hi David,

This looks like a really nice polished project! You might not be the first, but you definitely have the chance to be the most reliable - Seems has been around for a few years, and it has a lot of bots, but I couldn’t get the site to work when I tried. Has your site been making the rounds on the internet? Feels like I’ve seen it years ago.

I agree that the backend interface needs to be easy for robot owners, I think if that’s the case a lot of robot owners would even put their robots up for free.

Keen to see how you go :slight_smile:

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Thanks James!

Yes there are a few out there such as and

However the polished / easy to use factor wasn’t quite there for me. Also the potential for robot owners to earn money was an interesting concept I wanted to explore more.

I’ll get the project to a point where it can run smoothly for new users and then put a bit of advertising behind it to see what happens. If I can come up with an easy DIY robot package that people can buy and connect up then it might be something fun for twitch streamers to have going while they stream etc…

I’ll post an update back here on the next big version/feature release