Controling El wire

Im wanting to make a light up skirt using el wire using a small micro controller. My understanding of the way el wire works is much more simplistic then I wish it was Im mostly wanting to know if using a pot (or digital pot) can be used to fade el wire and if there is relay board prefer 4 relays that would work best for swiching the el wire on/off based on my movement as picked up by different sensors on my body. I have not worked with AC power before and don’t want to damage anything while testing different ways of changeing the power to modify the output of el lights sugestions of safe relay breakout boards I have a feeling that the only control that will work is turning the light on or off) via a relay. Any info about what type of relays would best or anything that might be dangerous to the inverter the el wire or other components would be very helpful I look forward to any info that will enable my project to work as I desire

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EL Wire can be a bit tricky due to its voltage requirements, I have had a quick look into controlling it with a microcontroller and found this handy Instructables guide that you might want to have a look into. I was at one point looking at using EL Wire to light up depending on sound input to make a top hat for a rave a friend was attending, so I know you can have it change depending on input.
Hope that info helps even a little.


Can you please provide a link to th guide you mentioned thanks

Hey Kiera,

Major apologies for that, the link is here!