Creality Cr10-S Pro Z axis only goes up and not down

Hi, I’m running a cr10-s pro v2 with tiny machines firmware, up until recently was working like a charm… no issues at all. And then intermittently some prints wouldn’t even start and the LCD would just show the print as printed and nothing had even started. Usually after a machine reboot this would clear and it would work fine. Today a reboot would not clear it… and now after trying to re-level and get a new z offset the machine won’t even set a z height at all. It just keeps going higher on the gantry and won’t lower through any means from the LCD. I can lower manually only.

I have reflashed the firmware, reset the EFPROM, run the ‘reset settings.gcode’

using the ‘move’ function I can raise and sometimes lower the gantry upon a fresh reboot… but after that it won’t work. the z height shows at 0 even when the gantry is quite high. If I raise it using ‘move’ it will show 5 10 20 mm raise… but when I press -Z using move…the numbers decrease to 0 but the print head does not move down. I know the motor works because when first booted up I can raise to 10 and it will lower to 0 but only once or twice then it stops.

spent the better part of my morning trying to fix this… any and all help would be fantastic !

thank you



Hi Kian,

Sounds like the endstop’s aren’t being detected.

It is quite possible that a wire has disconnected from the mainboard, checking the connections should remedy this.

To verify I would download some software that allows you to send G-Code directly to your printer (I use Pronterface).
Send an M119 command, now work around the printer pushing the buttons and sending the M119 command, to ensure that the end stops are being recognised.

Let me know how you go!


I have a creality cr10 doing the same thing…
How did you sort it in the end.

Roger (UK)


Hi Roger!

Using the commands @Liam120347 mentioned before are you able to detect the end stops and checking the wiring?

Hopefully @Kian129606 sees this post to update you.