Using Pi 3 B+ to create a VPN?

Hi everyone, am looking to use a Pi 3 B+ to create a VPN instead of paying for software every year ?
Does anyone have experience with this ?
Is the starter kit all I need ?
I would appreciate any help


You can follow this: How to turn your Raspberry Pi into a VPN server using Pi VPN

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Hi Albert!

What do you need your VPN to do?

Are you looking for private access to your internal network from abroad?

Or are you just looking to mask your traffic from your ISP or get around geoblocking?

This will influence the kind of system you’ll have to build.

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Hi James, yes its to protect my network at home but also to get around geoblocking,
does this help ?

Hi Albert,

Don’t start a new topic when you want to continue the discussion, just reply to your thread or someone’s post in your thread, keeps the clutter down :slight_smile:

I could find quite a few guides on google about your desired configuration (routing all the traffic of your home through your Pi, and thus a VPN)

This one seemed to be the least about selling you a VPN service, and most about instructing:

Hi James, mate i couldnt find where the ‘Send’ button was once I wrote my reply, i tried everything , new topic worked but i figured it wasnt right … so here i am trying again …thanks for your reply too