Dagu 4WD Chassis Questions

Hi team,

I am interested in the Dagu 4WD chassis for a project I am working on. But I’ve just got a few questions before I proceed:

Would the Arduino L298N motor controller paired with an Arduino Uno R3 be able to control this chassis

If I was wanting to go to independent 4WD (ie. have all four motors controlled separately) would this be easy enough to do in the future

I am thinking the 75:1 motors will work for me, but if I find I need the 34:1 motors can I order them separately at a later date

Have you got the model in stock and what is an approx shipping time to Melbourne Central? What is the fastest way to ship (don’t mind paying for express)

Does the chassis come with all nuts, bolts and spacers that can be seen in the photo

Hey Oliver, I’m very interested in your question. I’d like to use this chassis too.

I see from the description of the Wild Thumper that the stall current is 6.6A, and that’s per motor. The L298 Data Sheet I found gives peak current per channel at 2A. Heading 3. Applications talks about paralleling the outputs but that only brings the rating to 3A. I’d still be concerned peak motor current will fry the motor controllers.

DF Robot make a 2x15A motor controller board. This exceeds the needs of the Wild Thumper and also has built-in protection so even if the motor leads get shorted the driver boards will protect themselves. You’d need two of these to drive the four motors but you’d get independent control straight away.

75:1 gearmotors are available so I’m sure you can convert to them if you need to.

I just went to double-check the stock situation and it looks like we already have an order from you. Thank you! The Wild Thumper is not in local stock though, so it should be on track to ship out to you late next week.

  • Chris