Wild Thumper 6WD Chassis - Black (34:1 gear ratio) (ROB-11056)

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This is easily the most rugged and beefy robot chassis in its price range. The Wild Thumper 6-Wheel platform is the best of both worlds: It takes almost no time to go from un-boxing to rolling chassis, but it’s also ready to be expanded on and makes great base stock for a serious ‘bot.

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I have a 7C Futaba radio transmitter and receiver all ready, and i’m looking at building a robot for inspecting hard to access subfloors in houses, with this chassis what motor controller would be best and what batteries and extra bits and peices will i need to get this going?

Hi Stuart,

The Thumper is a go-to for off road use as it’s not just 6WD, but has completely independent suspension on each wheel.

Lots of places to mount bits on the all-metal frame. We’ve seen this used for academic competitions through to extreme just for fun projects. Checkout the product page video from 7m15s for a good overview.

The motors are 6VDC with 5.5A stall current. Drivers with 35+W per channel will work fine.

I’d lean to a couple of these drivers as they are good value and easy to interface with Arduino/the digital controls on your receiver:

Depending on the outputs of your receiver, this driver might be better suited: