Data logging in an underground mine

Dear Core people.

I am tasked with creating a logging device to capture:-

Pulses from an instrument, maybe 5 pulses/sec
Temp and humidity
Information shall be displayed and logged.

The idea is to collect pulses from two vibration sensitive neutron detectors and log them with a time stamp.
However the mine is active and I need to measure vibrations and gate the pulse readings at the time of vibrations. The pulse count is to be displayed on a screen and data saved to a SD.

My preference is to use a Teensy.
The power supply is 12Vdc and the finished product will be in an active mine so cabling and mechanical fixings must be robust.
I have a development lab to perform hardware and software development.

Could you suggest components and pricing suitable for this task?

Kind regards

@Adam81440 Sounds like an interesting project. To be honest it sounds like you need to engage the services of an engineer or consultant. Failing that i would sit down and write up a detailed scoping document. For a project like you are suggesting this could be easily 7 pages in its first iteration.

Having worked on projects involving mines myself, you may want to double check the detailed requirements and emissions regulations of the particular mine and location of the sensors, as often times the electronics and enclosures need to be intrinsically safe.

Good luck with the project!

Personally I have had good success using freelancers to write up detailed project scopes and even help with specification of hardware and frameworks.

Hi Adam,

I can make a few suggestions for you! I’ll try to make suggestions for items that are a little protected from dust/debris , but most of our products won’t be. Just keep that in mind.

Here is a simple display for the Teensy. Not sure how big you want it:

We can’t really help you out with cabling and mechanical fixings, but hopefully this will be a good starting point for you!