DC Toy / Hobby Motor - 130 Size (ADA711)

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These are standard ‘130 size’ DC hobby motors. They come with a wider operating range than most toy motors: from 4.5 to 9VDC instead of 1.5-4.5V. This range makes … read more

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how do you solder something without a solder!!!

plz answer soon i’m trying to make a birthday present

Hi Harry,

Pretty hard to solder without solder. I feel your pain, since even cheap soldering irons can cost a full week’s groceries.

My suggestion is to try crimp pin connectors. Try your electronic parts stores. You don’t need the fancy crimping clamps: with some patience you can use regular pliers. Insert the two wires to be joined and squeeze tight! Once joined you can apply some shrink tape for insulation, weather resistance, looks, etc.

Depending on where you are in the world, a packet of these connectors should not cost you more than a couple of cents.

Hope this helps,



Thanks heaps you really helped but I don’t know if I can use those thing on mini dc motor on battery packs. If you can put them on live wires pls reply if not thanks heaps anyway!!!
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What size DC motor should I use to create a functioning toy vehicle?

The most appropriate size motor for your vehicle will depend on the size of the vehicle, the power source you are using, and the speed you expect to get.

This an example of a motor commonly used for small vehicles: