Devastator Tank Mobile Platform (ROB0112)

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DFRobot proudly presents Devastator Tank Mobile Platform, our newest robot track platform. It is fully compatible with most popular controllers in the market such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and so on.

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any update on when the METAL GEAR DC MOTOR version will be available again?

Hi Ray,

As soon as that comes back in stock with our distributor its availability will be updated on our website. Until then just hit the “Notify me when it becomes available button” and you will be the first to find out when its back!

Hi all,

I was thinking of a project using the Devastater Robot as the platform with the raspberry pi.

(as seen in the video on youtube by Explaining Computers.

Has any one done this also a parts list to build the basic robot with keyboard control !


Ian C

From my memories of that set of videos, Chris had links in the video descriptions to the parts he used, and the code he wrote. The Explaining Computers website will still have the links as well.

Thanks, I will view that again.

The keyboard control code was developed on one of an earlier series on his Zumo robot, and reused for the Devastator robot.

The Devastator series on YouTube is

The write-up of the Devastator robot on the Explaining Computers website is

Should make it easier to find.

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i started on my devastator robot too, but with the subsequent failure of my 3 x ZeroWs, I gave up on this too!

(I planned to use the motor hat and DC relay for this project)

Sorry to hear that. Could you give some more information on how the Pis failed?

For example, I use anti-vibration mountings on the electronics so that the boards aren’t subject to large G shocks, and destroyed too fast.

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Oh no, nothing like that. One of them lost the WiFi. I can’t get it to work/recognized. Another one conked out and doesn’t boot up any more (no lights etc) no matter what SD card I use. And the last one I think shorted out when I was diddling with the pins (Shim, LED string, etc)

Hey Ray,

Sorry to hear that, are you still getting the bootloader splash without an SD card? If any of the Pi failed due to faults please email and we’ll run through the appropriate troubleshooting and returns/refunds process with you. If there’s anything else that we can do for you please let us know.

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