Black Gladiator-Tracked Chassis (ROB0153)

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If you are gonna build a robotics project, then you need to check out this guy, Black Gladiator. He is an agile tracked robot chassis, low noise, and easy to control…

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I’m wanting to buy the spider or the tracked chassis for my daughter, but it’s unclear if I need to buy anything else with it? ie remote control TIA

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Hi Catherine, welcome to the forum!

Those chassis only include the structure and motors, you’ll also need a motor driver, microcontroller, some sort of wireless communication if you want remote control, and code to run it all. Not for the faint of heart!

Let me know if you’re looking for something DIY like that, or something more turnkey, and I’ll go looking for you.

Thanks James, it’s for my daughter who is 17 and expressed and interest but has little experience. Most diy robotics I found are aimed at younger kids

Hey Catherine,

We actually did a build guide on one of the Gobilda chassis that you can have a look into. Its a great guide and can help you with building and understanding how this kind of thing goes together.

Don’t forget also that we have a range of online courses and Guides for different projects, it would be a great resource for your daughter to gain some foundational knowledge on maker electronics.