DFR0799 Bluetooth Amplifier won't pair

My SKU: DFR0799 Bluetooth Amplifier has been working fine until recently when I tried to use it and it wasn’t paired with my PC anymore. Nothing I have tried has worked to get them to pair.

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Hi, does your PC detect the bluetooth module?

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It used to, but now it can’t see it when it scans

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Hi John,

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What power supply and spearkers were you using the amp with?
Also does the indicator on the front light up when powered and enabled after turning the volume/power knob?


I’m using an old laptop power supply (18V). It worked well until recently.
I’m driving some old 8 ohm 30 W speakers that also worked well.
The blue power light comes on nice and bright.
Occasionaly and at random I get the three chimes from the speaker as if it is pairing.