DFRobot Gamepad reset button


I have a DFRobot Gamepad v2.0 which is based on the Leonardo.

According to the Arduino forum, the Leonardo has a problem with uploading that requires a physical reset, explained HERE.

These differences affect the way you use the physical reset button to perform an upload if the auto-reset isn’t working. Press and hold the reset button on the Leonardo or Micro, then hit the upload button in the Arduino software. Only release the reset button after you see the message “Uploading…” appear in the software’s status bar. When you do so, the bootloader will start, creating a new virtual (CDC) serial port on the computer. The software will see that port appear and perform the upload using it. Again, this is only necessary if the normal upload process (i.e. just pressing the uploading button) doesn’t work

In the gamepad product description, it states, "Includes a Turbo button used to reset the controller"

Can someone post a photo of this button to show me where it is on the gamepad, so I can hit reset to try and upload. thanks…


I’m going to assume this image is telling me where to find the turbo / reset button??

HI Michael,

I believe that the reset is the center “mode” button. I’m not too sure though. Looking at the electrical schematic that is the only odd button out.

I posted the same question on the DFRobot website on the product page for the item and DFRobot responded to advise it is the “Analog” button in the middle.

I have been able to download to the gamepad and get it working with the Arduino IDE serial monitor and the Digi XCTU xbee serial monitor with a pair of xbees, but the timing of hitting the reset button to upload to the Leonardo board is tricky and not always 100% successful, why couldn’t they have based it off the Uno or Mega instead.


Hi Michael,

I’m quiet familiar with the Leonardo reset press timing challenge :slight_smile:
The Leonardo has USB support, so it can be recognized by a computer as an HID. The Uno or Mega have no such feature, which is essential for a gamepad.

That doesn’t make it any easier to upload code to though!