Digital LED Voltmeter (PRT-14313)

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This Digital LED Voltmeter measures the voltage at a particular point of the system it has been hooked up to and then provides a readout on its three 7-segment LEDs. … read more

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What are the mounting hole dimensions for this Voltmeter please.

Hi Alan,

The holes are spaced at 28mm.

Hello everyone, can you tell me the dimensions of the unit block (minus hole tabs) in mm please. Need to see if they will fit the project

And what colour is the readout



I have one that is a very neat fit in a 3D-printed cutout of 14mm x 23mm.

Thanks Jeff

perfect size for my van readout. What colour are the numbers. red or green or blue if I can ask

What a great idea. Wish I had know about it when I did my last order!