Dimension specs for CE05987 LED strip

I was hoping to get dimensional data on the CE05987 LED strip so I can incorporate it in a 3D printing project. I’m intending to remove the weatherproofing casing as it’s an indoor project, and the LED strip will need to be recessed into an extrusion I’ll be 3D printing.

If I could get the dimensions (without the weatherproof casing) across the overall width of the LED strip as well as from the back of the strip to the top of the LED so I can determine the width and depth of the required recess I’d be greatly appreciative.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Garrath,

I used one of these in a project, here are the measurements of what I had left over:

11.98 and 1.84mm respectively

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Hi Garrath,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: it would be great to see some photos of your project once you’ve finished the 3D printing.

Thanks @James84823 for jumping in with the measurements.

Keep in mind those high-density LEDs can draw a lot of power so double-check your power calculations before you get too far into the design.

Thanks for such a quick reply!

I’ll amend my initial model to allow for a 12mm wide recess instead of the 10mm I’d taken a wild guess at.

I’ll most likely be looking at one of your chunky switchmode power supplies to handle the current as I’ll be using around 3m of LED strip all going to plan. I don’t envisage it all running full brightness white at any time, but best to plan for all contingencies.

The project is being 3D modelled in AutoCAD (I’m a grey-beard draftsman) and I’ll be happy to share screen snaps, models, photos, and eventually STL’s etc. as the project develops.

Thanks again!