Distance Monitoring

I want to attach a Rotary Encoder to the shaft on a sheave wheel to measure distance in 10mm increments. Can someone design a package to incorporate a Rotary Encoder, Controller and LCD 7". We want to be able to read the distance in both directions and be able to ZERO the distance at a given starting point.

We have engineering capabilities so attachment, housing and mounting where required are no problem. A system that works over a wide range e.g. between 10-30V would suit. We are starting with 415V supply and would step down to suit the system.

We want to use a sheave wheel 690mm dia. travelling at 74 RPM max and be able to measure down to 10mm increments.

Hey Allen,

It might be worth having a look into any Maker Spaces that are around you they are sometimes willing to take on projects.

Hi Allan,

I might be able to help you out! Just contact me here: info@stephenhaynes.com.au