DrawBo - A cool robot wich can draw or sketch anything and everything you like

Hello Everyone

DrawBo -
A compact, portable and butterfly shaped robot which can draw and sketch any image you want. Just upload the desired image and let drawbo draw it (or sketch it).

Have a look at the attached drawings or sketches (by DrawBo).

This is a drawing of Mickey drawn by DrawBo.

This is a sketch of a dog which DrawBo has drawn

How do you feel about this robot?
Please share your views.
Any comments or critiques are welcomed.


What a great device. A plotter on wheels!!! Does it fly like a butterfly too?? Just joking so please don’t tell me Yes. That would be too much for my old heart.
Very well done
Cheers Bob

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Hey Ethan,

Hackster.io actually did an article on this robot too for anyone interested in how these bots work for those curious about it.

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Thanks, will have a look at that later
Cheers Bob