Project by Michael; PiicoDev Sketcher - An interactive sketching toy!

I’ve just shared a new project: “PiicoDev Sketcher

The PiicoDev Sketcher is a fun, interactive toy reminiscent of sketching toys from my childhood. The user draws an image using the two knobs - one for X-control and the other for Y. Turning one knob at a time produces horizontal or vertical lines. The real magic is when you turn both together - creating diagonal or curved lines. Clear the sketch by shaking it!

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Is it possible to draw any specific human face using the Picodev sketcher?


Hi Roo
I would imagine that would depend on your artistic talents.
Cheers Bob


New piicodev modules!


I see. I’d love to make Elon musk’s face. Thanks.

Awesome !
Where’s the “add BoM to cart” button ?

Thanks! For now you’ll have to add them separately - but if there’s enough interest we could put together a bundle to make things easier :smiley:

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I wasn’t suggesting a new SKU, just a single button that adds all those parts to your cart with a single click. Then you could still delete individual items if you didn’t need to buy them.

I am running the script that you posted for this and I am getting the following in return:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 6, in <module>
  File "", line 6, in <module>
  File "", line 1
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I have tried the file on the Potentiometer guide page as well as the this page. Same with the file. I noticed they are different file sizes. I had a similar message for the accelerometer that I fixed by doing the above.

Any help will be great. This is the first project, still feeling good about this.


Hey @Beau219629 - weird that you’re running into this issue.
I re-downloaded the source files and they seem to work fine - albeit I had to also download separately (I forgot to include this in the original file upload. fixed now)

Are you working with a Raspberry Pi Pico?
Can you share a photograph of your setup?

It appears there is a syntax error in your copy of Unified. Have you modified this file at all?

Hey! Awesome project. Will this exact code and setup by any chance work with the microbit v2?

Hey @Ezra224017, welcome to the forums :slight_smile: I haven’t tested this project on a microbit. It’s possible, but won’t be as pleasing as on a Pico.

The framerate will be significantly slower. What’s more, the microbit as very little spare memory so we distribute “minified” versions of the device modules (, on each tutorial page. Even with the minified files the micro:bit usually only supports a couple of PiicoDev Modules. This project may overwhelm the microbit’s memory.