DVI-D to HDMI Adapter

Hey there,

I am looking to purchase the DVI-D to HDMI Adapter with SKU: AP7357.

My question is - I need to ensure that I can plug the DVI end into a DVI port on a PC and plug an HDMI Cable into a monitor.

I know this seems like a silly question, but I have seen these adapters as one way rather than 2 way.

Can you confirm?

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Welcome to the forum!!

In short, this one seems to be a straight passthrough, I tested the continuity across the pins and most of them buzzed through. Since the adapter is so small and the circuit is continuous across the pins it should worth bi-directionally. (I wasn’t able to track down a computer with a DVI port unfortunately to 100% confirm)

Excellent questions, active vs passive adapters can be misleading, I’ve been mixed up a few times myself!