Converter or cable advice

We have some industrial PCs which use LVDS screens. The pictures attached at the cables ends that connect to the PC.
We are having trouble finding some from the supplier and hoping to find better alternatives.
Some devices use one and some use others.
It’s sometimes hard to know what we need and we only have 1 cable type available with both PC connectors in the field.
Both cable connect to the LVDS the same way.

Any ideas?

Welcome back Anthony!

It looks to be a DA-26 cable: D-subminiature - Wikipedia
I haven’t had to source any of these so I cant speak on reliability or which manufacturers are best.

Cheers @Robert93820 for mentioning this series of connectors a while back!


Hi Anthony
Which connectors are you after. You show several.
On the top PC the black one on the top looks like an AMP 'Champ" type connector, The blue one on the right is DB25 while underneath is a DE9. The panel has 3 X DE9 and a DE15 which is probably VGA.
The white one on the bottom computer is indeed a DA26 as Liam suggests.
The 2 cable ends on top of the lower computer I think are DA26 (White) and can’t make out the black one, Looks like it mates with t What I think is a champ type on the top computer.
Clearer photos of these might help.

Incidentally the DE15 is the high density version of the DE9 while the DA26 is the high density version of a DA15 The 25, 37 and 50 pin D connectors all have a high density version, I forget exactly what they are now (too long ago) but I seem to remember the 37pin one is a DC62 or 63.
Cheers Bob
Th get this sort of thing in the domestic domain would be a bit difficult task I think (except DE15 which is the common VGA connector). They are widely used professionally (I have personally used many hundreds) so I think your best bet would be Element 14 or RS Components or a specialist connector supplier.

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Sorry, left work and can’t take more photos.
Just circled for more clarity.

Hi Anthony
The white one is a DA26.
The black one is undecided. A straight on pic so the contacts are clearly visible would help.
Cheers Bob
PS. It is only the shell with the pins that is different. If purchasing the back shell it is the same as the DA15.

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Hi Anthony
I am pretty sure that black connector is a 36 pin “Centronics” connector. Used to be used on parallel printer connections “Back in the day”. Google 36 pin connector and you will find it.
Cheers Bob
Edited. Changed the Google from 18 to 36.

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Hi Anthony
Could be “Mini” Centronics
Check this link.

Cheers Bob

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Hi all,
Just saying thanks for the assistance. I manage to get a hold of some adapters. The manufacturer custom makes them.

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Hey Anthony,

Thats great to know, we really appreciate you getting back to us on that! Would it be possible to relay how to get a hold of this adapter for anybody that faces an issue similar to this in the future? Did you have to contact the manufacturer directly or is it sold by them openly somewhere?