EL wire diameter

Hi there, wondering if anyone can tell me the outer diameter of the extra bright white EL Wire.


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Hi Torrance
It is all in the description.

“Adafruit has got 2.6mm thickness EL wire, with a pinkish coat, pre-cut and soldered to a standard quick-connect EL wire. It is made with the latest technology and twice as bright as ‘standard’ 2.3mm EL - running it at 1.5KHz/90V it emits 115 cd/m^2 or light and a half-life (50% brightness reduction) after 3000 hours of continuous use. Draws about 10mA per meter. The capacitance is about twice that of ‘standard’ EL, 11 nF/m so if you’re using an inverter, it will drive only half as much high brightness wire as standard.”

To answer your question…2.6mm
Cheers Bob


Ahh thanks, Bob - I neglected to see that!

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