Enameled Copper Magnet Wire – 11 meters / 0.1mm diameter (ADA3522)

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For winding custom coils, or very fine-pitch rework, Adafruit always reach for magnet wire. Magnet wire is very very thin (0.1mm diameter!) copper wire with a very thin … read more

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On the Adafruit website for this product it says this:

"This spool is ~11.5 meters of ~38 AWG thick magnet wire, just enough to do a few projects. We recommend a spool for every engineer’s workbench. Like all magnet wire there is a thin enameled insulation. "

Hi Brant,

Yep, that’s there in the product description on our site too. Did you need help with that product?

The description on your page said 28 AWG when I checked last night.

Brant Winter

Ah, my mistake haha. I missed that detail in it. It looks like Adafruit made that mistake originally, and then changed it. I’ll update that now. Thanks for the heads up @Brant49366 :slight_smile: