ESPNow for remote control

Looking for a reliable comms link inside theatre space. Theatres often have a lot of WiFi traffic from nearby hotspots and audience mobile phones.
Just want to send the status of one to five buttons.
Is ESPNow a good choice?
Any examples welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi Anthony,

Welcome to the forum!!

I cant speak from a reliability standpoint but ESP-NOW is very easy and (I presume) has worked for over 300 clients at the same time:

I have some example code I can send through (micropython) if this looks good.

If reliability is key why not go for a cable?

Hey Anthony,

There may be a better choice than ESPnow depending on what you are looking to set up here. Does the project need to be portable, or is it a stationary device? Is there any reason that it has to be a Wifi based signal rather than another method of activation?

If we could get a bit more info on this one, I am sure that we could figure out the best way to get this fixed up.