Items required for a project

I am searching for some items for an upcoming project. The items have been supplied for international projects and most are through suppliers in the UK which I would like to source locally if possible.
The parts are as follows:
1 x Power supply unit 600W (12v,50A, Constant Voltage) Amazon p/n B072M7P7QJ
1 x Power supply 12V to 5V 3A DC/DC buck converter module Amazon p/n B00G890MIC
1 x USB Extension Cable Amazon p/n B002M8RVKA
1 x Ethernet Extension Cable Amazon p/n B077V421QH
3 x Thermoelectric cooler (120W power) 12v @10A. Amazon p/n B00CGU1VOG
16 x LED Full Spectrum Grow Light. Amazon p/n B071J3BC1W
16 x E27 Lamp Holder. Sinolec Components Ltd p/n E27-SD04-2
1 x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (B+ now I think). CPC-Farnell p/n 2525225
1 x Raspberry Pi Display 7” Touchscreen CPC-Farnell p/n 2473872
1 x Grove Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pro. CPC Farnell p/n MK00343
1 x Arduino Base Shield v2. CPC-Farnell p/n SC13822
4 MK00330 Grove Relay. CPC Farnell|
1 x Grove Solid State Relay. Mouser p/n 713-103020004
4 x OpenBeam- 1000mm Long Black anodised Beam. Technobotsonline p/n 4451-900
13 x OpenBeam- 750mm Long Black anodised Beam. Technobotsonline p/n 4451-750
10 x OpenBeam- 300mm Long Black anodised Beam. Technobotsonline p/n 4451-300
4 x MakerBeam – 90 Degree Corner Bracket. Technobotsonline p/n 4446-013
36 x OpenBeam – ‘L’ Joining Plate. Technobotsonline p/n 4450-003
2 x OpenBeam – ‘T’ Joining Plate. Technobotsonline p/n 4450-004

It would be fantastic if all of these could be supplied through here, and if possible please provide the prices and part numbers for ordering.
Thank you,

Hi Isaac,

Sure, happy to help!

I’ll go through the list sequentially for you as dot points.

  • Unfortunately, we don’t supply power supplies that reach that level, you may need to use an industrial supplier.

  • Here’s a suitable converter we supply

  • An extension cable at 1.5 foot instead of 1
  • Here’s a few choices based on length required
  • What kind of cooler are you looking for in particular? I couldn’t see the part you linked, depending on the application, you may be better to use a compressor-based system from a refrigeration company rather than the peltier we usually supply which are designed for point cooling.

  • We don’t have the grow bulbs or lamp holder to match that you’d need for the project, unfortunately. You can try to mix and match some UV and high energy LED to try and match it. However, if this is for experimentation, I’d check an official source to ensure validity.

  • You can use a Pi 3, although, the newest model (with the best performance) is a Pi 4 8 GB

  • Here’s the official touchscreen
  • By the looks of it that’s a breakout for one of the DHT sensors, likely 22. You’ve got a few options, but personally, I’d recommend this one
  • We’ve got a wide range of sensor and breakout shields, but unfortunately, not the exact part you’re after

  • The relay

  • We don’t appear to have any of the open beam parts you’re after, however, I’d check a local metal shop and see whether they can fabricate the whole casing for your project.

If you’d like to get an official quotation or purchase order, please take the quantities and SKU of the parts from our site that I’ve linked for you and send it through to we can get that through to purchasing from there. If you have any further questions please let me know!

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