Extending Raspberry Pi WiFi

Cool, just got the AWUS036ACHM, I’ll give it a go later.


@Terry199397, I purchased a couple of these on Amazon after reading your message, and wow, capable little devices! I’ve been on the lookout for a while for our caravan setup, something I could tether a phone to and have a WiFi network up and going (zero config). They draw low current @5V (which I was hoping for) as mine will be powered via a battery bank that is inline with the caravan 5V rail (acting like a mini UPS).

I have been experimenting with this model.

Anyhow, my follow-up has little to do with @AndrewBG’s original topic other than I can confirm the repeater mode works well on them (I’ve been tinkering with two of them).

Thanks for the tip!


Hi Gramo
I am glad you found the info useful.

They are certainly quite capable devices. We use them to provide digital libraries in remote schools, where they serve content from USB to a classroom of students via WiFi.


Hi Andrew
Any luck with this?

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I havent had the time unfortunately, building a new kitchen over the break :slight_smile:

I did get it sortof working, recognised, offering up an AP, authenticating, but DHCP isnt working so it fails to connect.
However, a range test seems REALLY good judging on the amount of bars of signal strength on my phone walking up the street.

I’ll get a good proper go at in the next few days, however I am not too impressed with the raspberry pi git wifi details, it specifically says:

The Short List - Superstar USB WiFi Adapters for Linux
“I plugged it in and it just works™”

But it doesnt.

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Definitely question of priorities - RPi vs kitchen!

WiFi is definitely not a strong suit in the RPi space!

For DHCP you generally need the dnsmasq package to be installed so that would be worth checking.

After that it just depends on which technique has been used to configure WiFi in your version of the RPiOS.


I know right, keep the wife happy or tinker with my projects, NO question the priority…usually :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I have all that setup, but I’m obviously missing something, Im planning on going back to my original os image and see if I can get that to work.
If this Alfa adapter works it will be perfect.

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