To increase the raspberry pi wifi range


Greeting for the day to all,

Actually i m looking forward to help a student or individual from rural area where they are suffering from internet, although i got very kind product which is rapsberry pi w zero which ia magical device for them.
Although i m putting some educational content in it so thus they can use it for there education as format of digital library. But my only problem is that the raspberry pi w zero has the range of there wifi is up to 100 meter please can any one tell me how can i increase this range upto 1000 meter so it will be easy to access from even longer distance too.

Hello Rimit,

There is no easy way to modify a WiFi-enabled device to have a 10x increase in range. Wifi simply isn’t designed to operate over distances that large. If you need to communicate over a longer range wirelessly this is usually achieved with a point-to-point link, these need to be fixed at a permanent location so both ends of the link can still reach each other.
I’ve linked one example of a wifi link below.

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