Fan control using remote, wearable temperature/humidity sensor

Hi all. I’m attempting to design a fan controller that uses a temperature/humidity sensor that is being worn by a person in bed (overnight).
The sensor will need to communicate wirelessly with the fan controller.

Will the best way to achieve the wireless connection (fan will be less than 3m from sleeping beauty!) be best handled by RF, bluetooth or WiFi?

The fan can either be a 240VAC Dyson Bladeless pedestals fan, or a 3D printed 12VDC fan (the finished product needs to be aesthetically suitable, as it will be a permanent fixture in a main bedroom).

I have searched some Arduino projects sites to see if I could find a suitable design, but I have not come across anything suitable (plenty temperature/humidity sensors with displays, but nothing that can switch wirelessly from a sensor being worn.

I look forward to feedback and/or questions.


Hi Gianni,

I would recommend bluetooth because it requires very little power. I’m not sure how you would interface with a Dyson fan, but you could certainly make your own 3D printed fan that you could control!

You could make a device using something like this:

and this to read it and transmit over bluetooth:

Or even better you could use this:

and this