Temperature Monitor - Piico & ESP8266

Hi All,

Thought I would share my latest result of tinkering. A fully remotely managed Temperature monitor using the PiicoDev TMP117 sensor. This is housed in a custom 3D printed enclosure, uses a cheap ESP8266 running micropython and also incorporates a small silently running fan to ensure accurate air temps. Github with the code, guide and STL files is here, and an Imgur album with photos is here.

Hope you enjoy!


That’s great! I’m thinking of making something similar, but using a pico w. I didn’t think of using a fan, that really makes sense, particularly if it’s all enclosed. I’m also looking at using the Gravity: AHT20 Temperature and Humidity Sensor | DFRobot SEN0528 | Core Electronics Australia

Using a cheap USB power plug is a great idea, much cheaper than what I was thinking, I’ve got a few lying around, so I can just go with them.



Sounds like a good plan, I went with the D1 Mini, mostly because it’s really tiny so it’s easy to fit into things.(and I have a bunch of them lying around). The biggest issue I found was that by the time you have a longish board (like a Pico or even most ESP32s) plus the USB connector you’re looking at around 9cm long! whearas with the D1 Mini thats down to about 6.5 / 7cm

I do like the look of the AHT20, nice little mini sensor!

I originally didn’t have a fan on my designs (back when I was using standad project boxes) but found that the temps would 1. be slow to change when the outside environment changed (since they were in a plastic box!) and 2. would heat up overtime from the heat of the ESP8266. Using a fan fixed both of those. Which is quite important when I’m using these to control my Aircon! And by running the 5v fan at 3.3v it spins slowly (which is fine since I’m not actually trying to cool anything) and silently (which is important when it’s next to your bed!).