Filamax Factory Extruder

Hey Guys,

I’ve started to get back to working on my filament extruder which I started back in 2020, this is the first video where I go over the extruder and what I’m starting to work on.

Talk Soon

P.S. This is the first video filmed on my new Sony A7 Mk2


Hi Paul,

Awesome video!! I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of extruding my own filament for cost reasons, and the filastruder has always been out of stock.

Nice pick on the Sony too! I take photos and a bit of video on an A7III

I actually own a filastruder (don’t use it anymore) it’s great for home made filament, but it’s painfully slow, the one I go over in the video does commercial level production, about 1 to 2 kilos per hr versus 1kg per 8hrs for the filastruder

What I have not mentioned in the video once I get the big one finished I’ll start working on shrinking it to desktop size


Currently working on an update video, and with PCBWay’s Christmas discount I can get some CNC parts made without hurting my pocket too much


Hi Celcius,

We look forward to seeing it. Filament extruders are such a fun way for us makers to do some extra recycling. Make sure to include some nice shots of those PCBs in your video!